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Across America.

Connecting the right products to the right clients.

With over 10 years of experience in business development, consulting and business analysis

in diverse industries, we have the expertise you need to maximize your growth in the North American Market. 


​MNCS specializes in bringing the unique, notable and game-changing products to the right distribution channel in the North American market.


We cultivate close and transparent relationships with the products we represent and maintain great partnership with all retailers and distribution channels.


What We Do.


In order to gain a competitive edge in the market, sales operations have to be continuously scaled and optimized by the business. You must understand and know the market you are integrating and its stakeholders.


We are helping our clients to create long term value from customers and partners. We work with you to implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. Our priority is to assist you planning your U.S development strategy and insure that all compounds are well established to integrate the local market.


Our services range from designing a business model or marketing plan, to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. From marketing studies, market and pricing analysis to distribution channel searches, we are here to guide you, advise you and insure a successful U.S market integration and development. 

Hitting targets and achieving goals are a part of our daily vocabulary!


You are doing business in the U.S and noticed a limited growth or lower revenue than expected, we are here to help you move up to the next step.


We are here to analyze your organization, business processes and systems to optimize your revenue.


Our consulting services include sales training, revenue stream analyses, strategic sourcing initiative, all the way to business needs and requirements analyzes.


Our business consultants work with you on your strategy, planning and problem solving, and help your sales team develop business skills and knowledge.


Our Pick and Pack service allows you to have a logistics center from which you can manage your inventory and send your products.


MNCS offers its partners’ warehouses to improve your responsiveness to your customers and increase their satisfaction.

We offer comprehensive services including management of your sales in the US, billing, invoicing, filing and payroll. Our partner has experience, and its own network of professionals that will provide you with information about customs for importing your products, taxes, and other consultants, all while reducing your operational costs.

Cost management, customer management, and logistics support with the development of your market in the US will help your business become independent faster and control the risks of establishing abroad from A to Z.


Move fast and make things. You know each day brings countless needs and challenges - like making a remarkable product that delights customers, crafting an agile business strategy, attracting a rockstar team, or building a world-famous brand.


A growing business has to constantly deploy bold new ideas just to survive. And if you hope to grab the world’s attention, interest and engagement, it all has to be amazing.


We’re adept at listening, understanding and exposing insight – working seamlessly with your (or as your) marketing team.

We thrive on crafting and delivering the right message to the right audience with strategic, actionable messaging.


Our deep industry knowledge helps clients navigate the vast and ever-changing media landscape to ensure that your campaigns are seen by target audiences in the most efficient and effective means possible.

We’ll help you achieve the greatest impact, whatever your budget. We like what we do, and it shows in our work.


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